Improving health and wellness by building resilient communities through collaboration, research, and education


To serve as an innovative leader in a collaborative approach to improving the health of rural populations


We strive to build community partnerships aimed at meeting health goals.

We welcome our residents to contribute and travel with us on the journey to build healthier communities.



Population health is a collaborative and comprehensive approach to health that addresses the many things in our lives that impact health. It focuses on ‘up-stream’ issues that tend to prevent disease and enhance wellness. In population health, data is used to identify community needs, implement new strategies to address them, and measure the results in the community. Population Health strategies aim to impact behaviors, the environment, economics, education, nutrition, and anything that influences a person’s health.

Specific Goals

  • Eliminate barriers to being healthy by connecting people to resources when needed
  • Teach people how small behavioral changes can lead to big health changes
  • Use data analysis, or “big data,” to design social and community interventions
  • Recommend results-oriented solutions to complex public health issues
  • Lead recommended policy changes that support healthy living
Healthcare vs. Population Health