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Greater Johnstown students win Diabetes logo design challenge

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A logo contest was recently conducted at Greater Johnstown High School with the goal of promoting Type 2 Diabetes prevention through lifestyle changes. The contest, which was hosted by the 1889 Jefferson Center for Population Health as part of the


Health Matters-Hidden Risks: Do you have Kidney Disease?

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March's Health Matters article and Infographic in the Tribune Democrat discusses the relationship between diabetes and kidney disease. Johnstown kidney specialist Dr. Faina Gurevich shares here knowledge and experience with the disease.


Health Matters – Dental Health Key Component of Pediatric Wellness

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February's Health Matters article and Infographic in the Tribune Democrat focus on the importance of pediatric dental health. Local dentists discuss the importance of dental care from a young age and its link to overall health and wellness.  


Health Matters – FDA to require listing of added sugar on labels

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January, 2019 – The Tribune Democrat’s Health Matters article and Infographic for this month focuses on Americans' overindulgence in sugar, especially added sugar, which is leading to diabetes and a wide array of other health issues. Nursing instructor Desiree Beppler discusses how


Health Matters – Diet, stress key health factors

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December, 2018 – The Tribune Democrat’s Health Matters article and the Infographic for this month focuses on stress-related behavioral health causes and management techniques. Tanya Kindel, a licensed clinical psychologist with Conemaugh Counseling, discusses how to use planning, mindfulness, and balance to

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